Thursday, September 13, 2012

Non-Traditional Learning week.

It's been one of those weeks that were so busy I felt like we spent our days in the car. We had back to back field trips and events each day of this week that I am just so tired, and a bit behind in my weekly goals. Here a just a few of the things we did this week I am to tired to post it all!

What we were up to this week.
Live animal Sketching at the zoo with our homeschool friends. All the kids came prepared with a lot of interesting facts on reef sharks, I even learned a lot of new facts.
I love chipmunks, they are so cute and the zoo always has them running around. We found this little guy (or girl) running around in the bathroom, lost in the giant labyrinth of toilets, sinks and stalls  panicked by all the people. The bathroom has an open door so I am assuming that this poor chipmunk found its way out after we all left the bathroom.

We went back in time 150 years to  historical village that I haven't visited since grade school. We had so much fun.Here the kids are pictured with Mark the retired racing horse who now pulls the buggy around the village. My kids were enjoying themselves so much that while we were they they were already asking when we could go back. Hopefully we will plan another trip back this fall.

We spent the day at the water park, My dad and Falcon were enjoying the large hot tub.
The Red and White Kings of Egypt were battling it out to see who would take both crowns and rule Upper and Lower Egypt. - Using Story of the World for History.
We read : Build It!: Structures, Systems and You and have been using books in this series for easy science lessons for my little ones.

 Then we got busy building structures, our first was a cracker house with cream cheese as glue to hold it together.
 Next we built spaghetti stick/ marshmallow structures and gumdrop/ toothpick structures
Testing how our structure hold up to weight. This structure never collapsed but the tower would tip over.
This structure would only hold 1 CD.

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