Thursday, September 6, 2012

FIAR - Wee Gillis

We worked on the story Wee Gillis from Five in A Row Vol.2 I didn't think I would like this book but I actually had so much fun with it we rowed it for 2 weeks instead of just 1. We had so many extension activities to go with it and just not enough time in each day so we just kept going. By the end of our 2 weeks of rowing robin was reading the story to me! Even after 2 weeks there were a lot of activities that i did not get to that I had planned. I wanted to do a whole lesson on kilt's and do more with the little boys on sheep.  It's funny that sometimes the FIAR books I think I will dislike the most I end up really enjoying and the books I think I will love I end up not caring for!
 Our Scottish castle towers, these were so fun to make and the kids just LOVE them. I think we will be making more soon. We did have problems with the ramparts breaking off easily during the drying process. The castle tower idea came from this book, it is a great book full of really neat art projects.
 Robin's tower.
Action shot of Owl using a toilet paper tube to make brick impressions instead of Lego's.
 Finding Scotland.
 We watched Cities of the Underworld the first episode was all about Scotland and how the city was built with all these neat hidden streets and passageways that  are still currently under most of Scotland. Falcon watched the rest of the episodes throughout the week with me, they were very interesting.We also read about Edinburgh Castle.
 Robin is watching a short play where 2 men are playing bagpipes to win the girls attention, she really enjoyed that and watched it several times.
We studied traditional clothing in Scotland and Robin drew a few of her own designs in her daily journal.

Doing some worksheets on lungs and filling up a balloon to demonstrate how lungs expand and fill with air when we breathe. When Papabird came home from work Robin was so excited to get her pink balloon and give him a demonstration on how lungs work with a very detailed explanation.

In the van all week we have been watching Mist : Sheep Dog Tales there are about 6 or so DVD's out, we watched the 4 our library had. The kids really enjoyed watching them and learning all about sheep herding and life on a farm through a sheep dog's perspective. In one of the videos they talk about Scotland and being in the Highlands and Lowlands. Robin was excited to hear that because that's what Wee Gillis was about.

We also watched  this movie. It had lots of beautiful scenery of Scotland's  highlands and lowlands.


Cross Moms said...

How wonderful! I am always so inspired when I read the homeschooling section on NOBH! :) Looking forward to seeing what else you're doing this year!
Love and God Bless,

crunchyconmama said...

This is one of my favorite FIAR books! This book is rich with potential. We are on our second day and we will likely go longer than normal because there is so much good stuff!