Saturday, February 16, 2013

Corduroy {BFIAR}

Was my favorite book as a child I recall reading it over and over and over never getting sick of  the story.
I can't believe I have waited this long to row it with the kids.

We went to Build A Bear for Duck and Owl to have bears made and Robin who already has a bear was going to get  more stuffing added to hers and get a new outfit. I offered to buy the boys outfits for thier bears but they did not want them. Nor did they want me to make green overall's at home for them!

We made gluten free  peanut butter button and bear cookies
 Corduroy helped.
 Finished bears. Here is the recipe we used, it was yummy.

We went to a trip to a department store and acted out the story with our bears.
 We didn't find buttons on any department store beds but we did find a button on a toss pillow on a bed.
 3 sets of bear ears hiding in the bed at JCPenny's

 I was feeling adventurous and I love to see peoples reactions when you do things outside of the social norm. So all  4 of my kids took their shoes off and  climbed up onto the display bed  so I could read them the story, Corduroy that I had stashed in my purse. I didn't intend on them getting under the covers but Duck and Owl insisted and thought it was so fun. So there we were in the middle of the store sitting on the display bed 2 kids under the covers and 2 on top while I read the book to them. We got a lot of stares, I am sure we were quite the site to see but we were NOT escorted out by security and I think the children will always remember the time we climbed into a display bed at the store and read a book!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Here we are, all but Falcon who shot the picture. My husband doesn't like the kids faces on my blog so I blacked them out.
Measuring how tall our bear is in  the family restroom at the mall. We also measured how tall all 3 bears were together, then how tall each bear was standing on each child's head.

The littles made paper Corduroy bears for us to add in our Project Life schooling book we started this year.

Some other bear books we read this week.
 I cannot say enough about this version of Goldiocks and The 3 Bears it is full of rich vocabulary and bright pictures and is not your ordinary dumbed down children's  remake of a classic. We will be adding this book to add to our collection.

We did a little Goldilocks role play fun. We used pom poms and raced from the pot on the other side of the room to our bears carrying the pom poms  on a spoon.

Gummi Bear math activities
We estimated, sorted, added, subtracted, and did pattern play with these bears before we ate them.

Corduroy  ate some too!

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SarahElisabeth said...

Wow-you were brave to do the department store reading but the children will never forget this fun memory.
Popping over from Living Life Intentionally.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

How awesome is that! I love that you read to them in the store while the were on the bed! Sure, probably a few stare, but how fun! And great ideas! My kids are too old to row now, but making books come alive this way is wonderful! (Oh, and to answer your question about English Grammar's something I found on-line, is free and it equals 100 hours of instruction. This is the link:

Chareen said...

oooo I ♥♥ the biscuit teddy I think I will need to do that with Sir N and his cousins.

PS I have nominated you for: The Homeschool Blogging Liebster Award

RuthyToothy said...

Here from the Five In a Row linky. Love love LOVE how you rowed this book, especially the bits in the Dept Store bed!! You're right, the children will always remember that experience, and probably have fun telling their children about it in due course, too!