Thursday, February 21, 2013

Such a Sweet Week

I am gearing up to start another juice fast on Monday for a reset.. I am very excited to start,I have gotten into some pretty bad eating habits the last 3 months so I need a good fast to detox my body so I start craving what my body really needs. Even though I was starving and had a ton of detox symptoms last time I felt amazing, so full of energy. I am going to fast for 7 days then dive  into the whole30 program. What is whole 30 you may ask check it out here. The short version is basically you only eat  meats, fruits and veggies for 30 days and nothing else no grains, no dairy. I am excited, motivated and ready to start. 

 I have switched up the way I have been homeschooling Falcon to get him on track so he will be done with highschool and onto college by 15/16 years old. we are incorporating more work and have implemented quite a bit of Ambleside  into his daily program. We are picking up a few things for yr 8 but starting year 9 in 2 months.

To keep him on track I have a weekly lesson plan broke down for him each day with assignments that need to be completed. There is an end time for each day that he needs to have his work turned into me by if he does not get his work in by that time he loses ALL privlages for the rest of that day. He only has work Mon-Thurs. With  Fridays being unschool Fridays  if he has finished all his work throughout the week. During unschool Friday time he can do anything he wants that is educational. draw, do mind teasers, play mom approved video games, logic puzzles work on his novel etc.. So far this week went well, I have a feeling in a week or so we may hit a few bumps.

He just started reading 

I have been having him read 1 chapter per day and write a 1/2  page summery on each chapter. This book is from Ambleside's yr 8 biography unit. 

                                                   For Literature he just started reading
 Wow! this book is a hard one! I found this great study guide though.
We started using Grammar 101 he has been doing 2-3 lessons a day while the lessons are still just review.
We have been using Freerice for Vocab this week, I LOVE this site. He starts at lvl.15 and does 500 grains a day.

This is a great book Falcon just finished and wrote a great paper on it. He would be thrilled if you would stop by his blog  and read it. You would make his day if you followed him or commented on a post. Thank you in advance.

We all did some sugar sampling 
The kids preferred the German rock sugar we usually only use succanat  or honey for our sweetners. The only reason we even have white sugar is for our kombucha 
Falcon getting a closer look at the different sugars.

Robin read:

I read this to all the kids, it's a great series.

Owl got these out and  and did them all by himself I was so excited that he even counted the buttons and put the right numbers with them.

I need Science help I am at a dead end an stuck on what to do next any suggestions on Science for an 8/9 grader. I was considering The Rainbow but not sure due to the cost.


~Holly said...

I love Ambleside, but haven't looked at it recently. I'll have to get back to it.

Emmalee I. Hoggatt said...

I started a juice fast this week for the first time I hipe it works well for both of us!

Lynn said...

Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog. I got here through Homeschool Mother's Journal. I love your sugar study. I might consider doing something like that. Good luck on your diet. Have a great week!

Suburban Farm Girl