Thursday, May 16, 2013

Urban Chickens and SAT's

We are now officially URBAN FARMERS  ( still without a coop built though!)

We picked up our day old chicks this week from the post office. As soon as we opened the doors you could hear those little peepers cheeping away.  They had them sitting on the front counter waiting for us.
                              Getting them  out of the box and dipping  their tiny beaks in the water.
 The kids are loving watching them, but a little mad they can't hold them all day.

This one is my favorite, she looked a little sick when we first took her out of the box but she seems fine now.

We now have 8 chickens!
3 Buff Orpingtons
3 Barred Rocks
and 2 Easter Eggers.

Whats cooking?
Chicken! It's funny because the day we got our chicks I had already planned chicken for dinner. It felt kind of weird to be eating and enjoying my succulent bird while just below us in the basement  we have the cutest little baby chicks ever! It didn't seems to phase the kids though ( just me) they said it was the best chicken ever! Ha!, I have wanted to make cookies all week but just to lazy to do it ( I guess it's a good thing!)

This kids all know that in 2 years  when egg production slows we will be eating our chickens and getting a new set!

Oh ya that, Falcon took his assessment to complete 8th grade so we will be starting  9th grade this summer. I got all sorts of SAT and PSAT stuff to start  next week.
 I LOVE this book, I have been reading through it and learning new words. The funny cartoons really  help you remember what they mean. Everyone needs one of these.
I also came across Kaplan  score  raising novels, those are great too!

Question I have....
So those that have homeschooled through the high school years how do you do transcripts for college entry?

A photo to share..
My house smells of lovely lilacs!

Well this is the short version of what whet on this week, blogger is giving me a hard time tonight and I am just  too tuckered out from a week  long of being a single mom.   Papabird is off in Europe, for the next 2 weeks and I feel a sore throat coming on, so I hear the couch calling my name as I type.

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