Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Own Blog Has Inspired Me!

My own blog inspired me this week....

One evening when 2 of my kids were at grandmas, my other 2 were fast asleep and Papabird was working late I happened to browse through the last few years of my blog posts. You know what I discovered? That I was doing some really neat stuff and my schooling as of late has gotten a bit dry and boring. Good thing my kids are off this week now I have time to re evaluate what I am doing.

Academically my kids are doing great but we really haven't done a lot of hands on fun unit studies in awhile.

Even though the kids were on break this week  I still managed to sneak in some education. Falcon went out to gather worms and bugs for the chicks Tuesday morning. It had just rained so I thought he would find worms a plenty but what he found was a HUGE grub! Seriously this thing was BIG and so gross it gave me  goose bumps.

Falcon picked it up  to place in the brooder and it bit him! EEK! He was a man about it though! The chicks pecked it for awhile then  one of the Barred Rock chicks ( they always get the bugs we put in there) grabbed it and started running through the cage with it while all the other birds are squawking and chasing her. Finally she  swallowed it whole. I seriously could not believe my eyes. My 13 day old chick who is barely the size of my hand ate this HUGE grub whole. So I threw in some extra chick grit in there, she will probably need it!

After the chick ate the grub we started watching videos on youtube about grubs and chickens eating grubs.

What we learned:
1.Chickens love grubs
2. People can eat them  and that they are high in protein.
               - you should cut the head off before you eat them so they don't bite you.
               - They are juicy but do not taste too bad for a bug
               - They taste better cooked!
No we did not try this ourselves but I did offer to let the children try a grub, no takers though! We learned this on our many youtube videos.
3. The grub we found was the larvae stage of a June bug.

Timon and Pumba say they are "Slimy, yet Satisfying!"

Of course we had to watch Lion King this week  after the grub thing. I seriously cry every time Simba's Dad dies. How awful that would be for a child to see, then believe it was his fault! I hate that part!

Our chicks are getting so big so fast. This is my favorite chicks I think she is so pretty but she is the least friendly of them all. The Barred rocks are the sweetest by far, they will fall asleep while you are holding them.

1980's flashback....
I have been watching Punky Brewster with my daughter all week. I Loved that show as a child. I even wrote a letter to the President to put in back on the air when it was cancelled. My mom later admitted that she never sent it.... Shesh!
The actress who played Punky wrote a book on parenting I am reading it now, it okay if I had not loved this actress as a child I would have stopped reading it by now. It's much more of a first time mom intro to parenting book, but there are some funny stories. I am enjoying reading about her childhood though.


MommyKuehner said...

The chicks are soooo cute!!!

Jessica Orlowicz said...

I found you accidentally because we have such a similar blog name :) I have to say, I just had baby #4, and the fact that you homeschool four kids impresses and amazes me! You go mama!