Thursday, May 2, 2013

Turkey Vultures and Eastern Screech Owl's in the City!

Warm spring afternoons with the sun on my face, the birds chirping, Dogwood trees blooming, bees a buzzing and the kids playing outside that's how blissfully wonderful. my week was.

We live in a middle-class urban city  so it was shocking and exciting to see both of these animals. I can only imagine that the reason we are seeing these animals is due to the increase in the rat population. They have just ripped up the sewer system  and a major highway near our house which has sent millions of rats loose in our area seeking shelter in our yards. We actually had them living in our crawl space last year and just had to have the exterminator out again to help kill them off. Is the city doing anything about it? NO they are not!

I did NOT SWEAT IN MY PANTS!.... So if you read my blog two weeks you should remember my comment about my husband thinking I peed my  pants on my bike ride. I never worked out is skinny jeans before so I thought my butt was sweating.  Flash forward to this week I went on leisurely bike ride with Robin (no sweating) and when I came back my husband says "Seriously what's going on with your butt? Go change your pants and look in the mirror." Again it looked like a wet my pants, I knew I didn't even sweat this time I only went around the block with her. After changing my pants I went out to check my bike and discovered  the  gel seat cover was leaking, mystery solved!! I have since rode my bike many times this week since throwing out  my gel seat and my pants no longer look wet when I am done. I did  NOT SWEAT or WET my pants!!  I wish I would have thought to take a picture, it was quite funny!

Falcon is finishing up his 8th grade stuff. Now I need to get together something  to get transcripts together for high school which he will be starting in June (we school year round 6 weeks on 1 week off give or  take)

He won a drawing at the library and got this collection of brand new books. He is the luckiest kids ever, I really should have him pick out some lottery numbers.

Robin is working on reading Saige the new American girl books while we study New Mexico. She has also been working very hard at  drawing pictures to illustrate  the book she wrote that we will be submitting to the state fair this summer for Girl Scouts.

Duck  and Owl have been working on the usual ABC's and 123's

We sketched Orangatangs at the zoo

Robin was so excited to find this Lego set at the store, she does Taekwondo.

and Hammock tracks

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