Friday, July 19, 2013

What summer?

Busy and crazy, that's how I roll.....

Highlights of our summer so far.
1.  We went to Chicago  for USAT nationals. Falcon's hard work and training paid off he fought the best in the NATION and came out on top. He won BRONZE in sparring and made it to the semi finals in forms. I couldn't be more proud

2. While in Chicago we went to the American girl store and Robin got Cecile's ears pierced.

3. My cranky 97 year old neighbor has been getting sicker and very confused never even knowing who she is and what  is going on  and her family refuses to put her in a home. I am worried about her safety and have called the ambulance  for her but she is always rude and demanding. Today I told  her that if she cannot speak to myself or my children nicely then I will no longer talk to her or help her.

4.We had large branch fall off of our very large tree and take out our power and smash up the garage a bit, thankfully it missed the chicken coop.

5. Speaking of chickens, Papabird  got the chicken coop built, we still need to add the nesting boxes and a few other things but it is fully functional.

6. The Mastiff got a hold of  one of the chickens, she didn't hurt it before Falcon found out but there were feathers all over the yard.

7. I am expecting a new little bird and  he/she should hatch at the beginning of March. This was a big surprise to us and not what we expected.

8. I helped organize and host a carnival fundraiser for my friend who needs a new set of lungs due to a very rare lung disease which there is no known cause or cure. We raised  $2470 not what I expected but any profit is better than no profit.

9. A dead body was found at our local library. It sounded much worse on the news, apparently the guy died of natural causes in the restroom and was found in the morning the next day. They don't check the bathrooms at night?

10. We have been inside more this summer than any other due to RAIN, RAIN, RAIN which has lead to a lot of mosquito breeding.

11. Robin got a tick on her head, that caused us to go to the ER after 3 weeks it still looks nasty but not infected. They sent us back home and we continued to treat with lavender oil and colloidal silver.

12.Robin only finished 1/2 the Girl Scout projects we were planning on doing for the state fair.  We are excited to see how we do  judging will be at the end of July. We planned on going down but now Papabird will be in Brazil during that time and I don't think I have the stamina to drive 6 hours round trip and haul all 4 kids through the fair by myself while dealing with morning sickness.

Although summer is my least favorite season we are usually always outside doing messy fun outdoor projects. So far this year between my friends fundraiser, Falcons extra training for USAT,  morning sickness, all the rain, then extreme heat I feel we have done nothing fun.

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