Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Friendship lost...

How do you deal with an ended friendship of a 7 year old girl? When your 7 year old feels unworthy of having friends or inadequate in some way to have lost a friend to another little girl.

A life lesson we all learn for sure, just a very hard one to explain to a very sensitive 7 year old.

My daughter has had a best friend, basically her first close friend since she was 3.5. For 4 years they have been very close, then one day last fall this other little girl started ignoring Robin and  hanging out with a new friend. Robin would save her a seat at events and this other little girl would ignore her and go sit on the opposite side of the room with  her new friend. Robin did not want to give up on this friendship she kept trying  only to be shut down by these 2 girls over and over. She would call her on skype to play video games together only to be ignored yet again because her friend would invite her new friend to join them (3 is a crowd) and she would be cast off and ignored once again. Many tears have been shed. It is very hard to explain to 7 year old why her friend has been cold, and unfriendly toward her.

It can be very hard for Robin at times because we see this other girl at many homeschool events we do, which is just a sad reminder to her that she is no longer her friend. 

We have worked  very hard at establishing  new friendships and discussing the many ways you should and should not treat your friends. 

Yesterday when cleaning out her room Robin made the choice to get rid of some things  that this friend had given her and take down and throw away pictures. I was very proud of her for making this final step in letting go ( a very hard thing to do.)

The newest issue of  American Girl magazine has a short article about what Robin is going through. The Friendship Fade is what it article is called,  Robin said that this helped her not be so sad about losing her friend.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.....
Robin has new friends now, she is sad about friendships lost but happy for the new friends she has  made.