Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter birds- Cardinals

Cardinals lined up on our artwork cloth line in the dining room.

Falcon use water color pencils to create his.

Robin use oil  pastels for her bird then did a watercolor back ground.

Duck used just water colors. After he drew his bird I outlined his and Owl's so it would be easier to have them paint. Ducks added a tree with a bird nest in it.

 I gave Owl his paints and instructed him to paint his bird RED like a Cardinal and when I came back in the room it was multi colored. I said "NO, Cardinals are red what are you doing?"
He replies, " I wanted it to be a rainbow Cardinal though"
Sigh, he got me at rainbow, I just love rainbows and I guess art is subjective. I was a tad bit frustrated at first because I wanted 4 RED Cardinals on my wall but I will live with 3 RED cardinals and 1 rainbow one.

 Not about Cardinals but winter themed and it had red birds.

Gosh, I just love Gail Gibbons books - educational and all about winter and snow

 We went bird watching and spotted a male Cardinal, we saw a few females but none of us could get a picture of those shy girls.

We did end up seeing a fox squirrel, those suckers are fast!


MommyKuehner said...

How fun!!!

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Awesome pics...rainbow cardinals, super cute. We've been having so much fun with winter reading too. Will have to add Gail's books to our list. Thanks.