Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Spring is a favorite season of mine. I love all the newness of it. Trees and flowers budding, baby animals being born, animals coming out of hibernation. It just seems to me a perfect time to start new projects and begin things new.

With  our new baby here school work may be a little light for a bit until we get into a routine,

Paint chip projects making a mess of the table.

Little bunnies Owl and Robin made.

Duck did not want to make a bunny he wanted to make Minecraft Golems. So here is what he made, not quite a spring theme craft but at least he wanted to get crafty.

My not so great attempt at an egg banner. Owl helped me decorate them. My eggs keep flipping over, I am going to have to string it again and try and fix it.

Robin made her own  banner for her door to her room. Hers turned out better than mine.

We only have 1.5 chapters left of Little House in the Big Woods. The last chapter they made a pumpkin soup type dish.

So I made  paleo pumpkin custard. If you cut shapes into it while it's hot when it cools it will pull apart to create cool designs. My attempt at a Little House theme.

The older kids worked on math lessons and writing an essay for a contest the library is doing.

Duck worked on some worksheets through a spring pack from the Teachers pay teachers website.

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You are such an awesome momma!!!