Friday, March 7, 2014

Will I be pregnant as long as an elephant?

I have never gone overdue with my other babies but there is a first time for everything.

Will my baby be huge? I usually have 9-10lb. babies about a week early. How big will this baby be now that I am overdue! Babies come when babies are ready I keep getting told. I am trying not to worry and just

I didn't plan much school work this week with the kids because I thought I would be snuggling a baby right now but boy was I wrong.

We went to the library for a homeschool  board game day.

We went to the library for our World Travelers club presentation on Egypt. Robin typed up some facts that morning on Cleopatra then got to dress up like her as  well. Her friend brought a hot dog she mummified.

While there I collected books on Spring.

I plan to get a nature table started with the kids again. The  overall topic will be the season but I will rotate out topics with that theme.Some ideas I have are:

Spring related books about the season but each week or two I will change the topic of what goes on in  during spring. I love spring it is my favorite season everything seems so new and fresh and bursting with possibility.

First up we will be doing  Baby animals.  Other ideas are thunderstorms/tornado's, flowers/seeds, and trees. When I get it all set up I will  post pictures.

Pinterest inspiration:
Nature table 1

Some outdoor fun on a warm 40 degree day throwing snowballs - spring is on it's way!

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