Sunday, March 2, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Thank you Cards

It is Girl Scout Cookie time!

Of course we needed to make thank you cards to send off with our boxes of cookies.

The first ones we made were rainbow ones ( my idea.)
We used Do A Dot markers to create rainbow pages which we then cut and folded to make small thank you cards to add to our cookie packages. I got the idea here  
Not the greatest picture, my flash washed out all the colors. On the front we added the customers name and what they owe. We taped these cards to one of the cookie boxes and bagged up orders together in plastic grocery bags.
The inside.

It was Robin's idea to make Samoa cookies and add those to the card. I think they turned out so cute.

She got sick of making rainbows and said t was no longer fun so she came up with the idea of making pop up cards.
Again we put the name and amount owed on the outside of the card and thank you for your order on the inside. (The crayon is covering up her real name)
Here is a small pile of some of our thank you cards. My favorites are the rainbow cards but I LOVE rainbows. I  am happy to have them all finished. Next year I think we will spread them out over a few weeks so we are not doing so many at once.

It was a great learning experience this year for Robin 
1. She is doing multiplication now so it was a great way for her to practice her 4 times tables since GS cookies are $4.00 a box this year.
2. Working on adding and multiplying by 12's when she helped sort cases ( there are 12 boxes to every case) for our whole troop
3. Confidence in asking those she doesn't know well to buy cookies.
4. Courtesy and Grammar ( she still has issues with capitalizing proper nouns) by writing thank you cards.

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