Monday, September 1, 2014

Flowers and Celts.

A quick entry on what we are currently working on. We have a lot going on right now and just not a lot of time to blog about it.

Science : Flowers

 Owl stopping to sniff a flower on our nature walk to find flowers in our area.
 Owl is always my nature spotter, he found a pill bug friend.

 I did not know we could grow flowers that big in our state.
 Sketching the root system of a weed.
 A big nest we found when out geocaching
 A cache we found hidden in a tree. You could not see it was in there, you had to feel around inside to find it. "adventueres take risks" said Robin as she asked our friend Peggy to reach her hand in to feel around. I blindly shot this by placing my camera in the tree in the direction if the cache. It was just big enough to fit my hand and a small camera.

History: Celts
 Cutting up purple cabbage to make blue dye to paint our faces like celtic warroirs.
 Some of our Celtic daggers
Robin has been enjoying listening to Enya : The Celts when going to sleep at night.

 Mystic  our mouser cat enjoying some breakfast. 

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