Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another House post.

I guess this house is now my full time job. Forget that I actually need to homeschool my kids and run the house we are living in and my husband needs to run our business. Well, we better get used to it because as soon as it is fixed up and full of growing food and animals it will be my full time job. 

Welcome to our new life!

I spend my whole day at the house with the kids trying to get it ready enough to live in. Painting, scrubbing, removing lots of stuff. Sure, I would love to get it all fixed up before we move in but paying 2 mortgages in not so fun so we are racing against the clock. So this house will be a work in progress for about a year. Do not expect some big house warming party. Where my house looks like a showroom and everything is put away and neatly stacked. It will be a mess, a joyful "Yay I have 15 acres and room to breathe mess."
 The boys room is now green ( they want a deep woods theme, forget the fact that right outside their window we have woods)
The girls room a mermaid dream blue ( for an ocean them)

Flooring for the new rooms and the East Wing!

I think I want the kitchen blue or green, while deciding on my colors I look down and see 2 bags I brought over and they are blue and green as well, I guess I like those colors. I really wanted yellow but Papa bird said  NO!

This is the color I am trying to match. I really like this color in this room.Hopefully mine will look just as good.

I am leaning toward the darker one on the left.

Nature spottings so far:
Stick bugs
American toads
Yellow jackets
A dead mouse
Sassafrass trees 

My house wish list:
Low light plants
Crystals to hang in windows
Windchimes, lots of them to hang everywhere on our very large eves around the house.

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