Saturday, September 13, 2014

Holy Crap, we bought a house!!!

We did not intend on buying a house at this moment but just happened to come across a property up for auction. It looked interesting so not having ever been to a house auction we dropped off the older kids at Grandmas and headed off to the house auction with our bank letter, checkbook and baby on my chest and bought a house.

It was rather shocking and intense because in just a matter if 6 minutes we agreed to purchase this house.and won the auction. I totally cried! I just stood behind my husband and let him to the bidding I had no idea what I did or did not want to pay for this house so I just let him go at it!

This house needs work, we knew in order to get a nice big chunk of land we would need to fix it up.

I am not in love with the house, but I am in love with the land.

29 days later here we are keys in hand!

Gate Entrance to house

 Horses across the road
 Total 1970s entryway. I love the colored glass. Really digging the metallic  wallpaper too!
 Rec Room
 The exact spot I stood during the aucrtion right next to Irma our mystery (ghost) neighbor!
 Main Bathroom
 Eat in Kitchen
 Living room with wood burning stove
 Master bed
 Master bath
 Boys room
 girls room
 30 foot hallway lined with bookshelves  (Bibles withcraft, Edgar Caycee and 1970s Harlequin romance novels)  interesting mix!
 View from front door
 A trail  back to the bunker on the South side of our land
 Owl catching toads!
The pond.

There ya have it, stay tuned for all the before and after photos to come in the next month.

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