Sunday, October 19, 2014

Frozen in the morning.

Robin loves reading my blog posts. She says to me this evening before she went to bed "Mom I should be your official typo checker, your blog is full of them." Yes, indeed it is dear one. I find writing a useful tool to get out feelings, frustrations, excitement and whatever else I am feeling at that moment. Most of the time my blog entries are hurried writings with a squiggly baby on my lap reaching for the keyboard and everything else on my desk at 5 am (That  is how I am currently writing this entry.)  I love writing but have very little time in the day so you may read a blog entry of mine that it  full of errors.

Dear Robin. I am excited to know you want to be my chief editor please read over my work and report back to me on my silly mistakes from my one handed,  wresting babies hands away,  and hurried typing in a matter of minutes.

We planned on taking the kids to DisneyWorld this year and buying an RV but instead we bought a 15 acre chunk of land and a farmhouse instead. So that  put spending money on Disney on hold. Papabird is in Orlando on business right now which is when we planned on going to Disney.

This kids were bummed this week as they helped pack PapaBirds dress shirts and kiss him Goodbye.

So the first morning without Papabird I decided to bring a little Disney home since we could not go to Disney.

I decorated the basement with balloons and a giant Olaf balloon. On the table were light up snowflake necklaces, Frozen books, stickers, blue and white lollipops and Frozen games.

A fun Olaf breakfast.They were excited!

Later that evening Robin and Duck decided to surprise me and make a bunch of cut out pumpkins and take them all over the walls in the hallway. They said since I surprised them with a Frozen party they would surprise me with a pumpkin party.LOVE MY SWEET KIDS!