Sunday, October 12, 2014

Country house, City house!

We planned on being in the house by now but we have had quite a few setbacks.
1. Grey hot water (we needed to order an anode rod from whirlpool for the hot water tank )
2. We cannot put in the water filter system until the hot water tank is being dealt with.
3. We bought the wrong size radiant flooring for the bedrooms now I need to ship them  back and buy new heat ones.

At the country house......

Barn kitties looking cute just outside the goat door.
Dried out rat that was swept out of the old chicken coop. I thought it was cool looking but the kids thought it was gross.

Boys will be boys..... Owl had an issue with a stick and his eyeball.

Canary soaking up some sun and tasting leaves.

Moonshine bottles everywhere. There are about 4 dozen or so that Falcon cleared out of the coop for me. They are now being stored in the barn.

Heated flooring that is 2 inches too big!

So Papabird might be converting me to like country. I have always hated country music ( It sounds whiny to me) This week I have found myself singing  Meanwhile Back at Mama's by Tim McGraw

At Tractor Supply I saw a shirt similar to this and it appealed to me! Shocking!We just bought a farm house and I am totally turning country!!!

At the city house....

Laundry, toy guns and  read aloud books. Still working our way through Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Neat History book site that I found 

Whats cooking? ( well what I hope will be cooked soon)
Hoping to make sometime soon:  Panera Autumn Squash Soup
and maybe pair if off with  Mexican Corn Brunch Bread

Whats really cooking is: Gluten free frozen corndogs!
Icky ingredients I am sure but something has gotta give right now~!

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