Monday, October 27, 2014

Girl Scout tent camping

First night in the new house was spent with my oldest son, 2 girls and my girl scout troop.

I promised Robin that I would camp with her this fall, and time got away with me, we bought a new house, Papabird was out of town...... the list goes one.  Fall is here and days are getting shorter sooooooooooo I decided Hey, why not campout on the 15 acres we just bought!

WE are NOT moved in yet  we still have so many things to get ready for but why not? We are actually moving in a few days from now and will work on it as we live there.

The day of the camp out Papabird was just finishing up  the filtration system and the water was turned off as scouts arrived. I was a bit worried we may be peeing in the woods if things didn't go right but just a few hours later Papabird turned it on and we now have super filtered tasty water free of all the junk found in city water. We have a well but our water is really hard.

Tents up,  stuffies inside (Beenie Boos are popular with our girls right now) sleeping bags inside. The spot was  a little ways back in the woods surrounded on all sides with trees and foliage so no house could be seen. The deep leaves made for very soft bedding,

Some more pictures of the woods.

After dinner Falcon taught the girls how to shoot.

Then off to feed the horses some carrots.

Checking out the  edible Chicken mushroom on our land and one  growing farther down the street.

Campfire going,  my co leader got it going with just 1 match, singing songs having fun.

Collecting campfire ashes for the Campfire ash Tradition started by the very first Boyscout.

The Campfire ash jars Robin made.

I was a beautiful day to camp sunny and 65 during the day overnight it was mostly clear ( we could see the stars) and about 43 degrees. All scouts stayed mostly warm in their tents.

I was super sad to sleep in the house on the hard green floor because Canary was being difficult and would have kept the whole camp up until about 1am she cried fussed most of the night. I would have rather slept with all the girls and moms but I did what I had to do for the good of all. Next time Canary will be older and I will get to have more fun and camp with the girls.

Robin did a great job helping make this camping trip a blast by  helping cook, purchase, plan and prepare foods and activities.for the day.

The next day after the girls left Falcon decided to  put his Boyscout skills to use and build a fire for the little ones who missed out on Smores during the campout.

My Co leader  and Falcon's Boyscout leader would have been sad to see us fail at this task even Papa Bird got involved. We had to relight it a few times to get it going and add lots of leaves and books. Yes, I said books we have a huge pile of old books that came with the house and we are using them as fuel for fires. I don't think many people really want a bunch of 1970 romance novels. At least we are using them for a purpose not just throwing it in the trash.

Note to self:
Must work on fire building skills as a family.

Cute little Canary in her super soft, green moss fairy circle ( that's what we were calling it.) Did you notice her socks don't match and they are dirty? We live on a farm, who cares  :)

 We did it! Our first campout in tents as troop. Getting ready to plan our 2 night spring campout.

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