Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just a smattering of schooly stuff

Art time: let's draw a fox....

Owl  did very well, I even made a tiny fox to go in my project life album. ( New years resolution, to create more art)
Strange that Duck made a colorful fox. Usually it is Owl wanting to make whatever we are doing in all colors of the rainbow.
Robin said her fox looked like a Red Squirrel so she made sure to rename hers!

Just a random photo of an ice cream shop near us  with people lined up outside in the snow to eat!

MATH  time
Using our inchanimals to measure things around the house. It is Girl Scout cookies time! Here is an amazon link to that toy 
Baby C. was measuring her kittens when she decided they needed to nurse. This is the best toy ever the mama cat has magnetic nipples so the kitties can drink.Here is the link to purchase it on Amazon

Geography time:
Duck worked so hard when we studied Australia making a factbook about the Blue Fairy penguin.

Facts done by him!
When you notice the wall you just painted next to the brown cupboard matches the beer you just cracked open.

Poetry time:
Doing our weekly Tea time with poetry. Robin is reading some poems that were mailed to us from our poetry group.Falcon ( yes he still exists) is hiding behind his hot cup of tea with his mug he got in Chicago with his Boyscout Troop.
I am sad every time he uses the cup because I wonder if I broke his mug on accident. He brought it home from Chicago and  left it in his bag, I think I may have moved his bag (most likely not in a very gentle way if he left it out). At least the mug is still usable.
Working on poetry, I had Duck match together the rhyme card then create 2 poems from them.

1.There was a toad on the road
Who saw a goose and a moose
They saw a bear on a chair watching Woody Woodpecker!

2.A duck was in a truck
with a toy dragon in a wagon

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