Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Robin's 9th birthday

We had a Cinderella themed party.

Robin invited 7 friends to go see the New Cinderella movie. 6 friends could made it.

Most of the girls dressed up in princess type dresses to go see the movie, Robin even had the tiara Ella wore in the movie on her wedding day

They chose to sit at the very top row. The girls ate lot and lots of popcorn and washed it down with so much water I felt like 1/2 movie I was in the Bathroom with them.

I wanted to make these but I quickly realized without a mini vice I was going to drill a hole in my hand before I made it through the gumballs. ...Maybe next time
 So instead the girls got  crazy straws. Who doesn't love those? And pearlized gumballs.

The movie was great we all loved it. It was very similar to Ever After with Drew Barrymore ( we LOVE) that movie.

After the movie we went down to the mall for cupcakes topped with plastic sea turtles. ( Robin loves Sea Turtles and all things ocean)

Then present time, she was very excited to see how well her friends knew her and got her some great things. Most of all she was happy to be with friends and just hang out!

She loves everything but this heart box was her favorite.

This journal was so clever because her birthday in on Earthday!!

Mama and Papa Bird got her

On her actual birthday we went out to eat at a Lebanese place she likes All of my little birds get to choose where to eat on their birthday.

Grandma joined us and gifted Robin with some Ocean stuff for her new Ocean themed room. She picked it all out but I tricked her into thinking they did not have it at the store when Grandma went to get it.

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