Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Workout Wednsday ..... What is that?

Time to get fit...... again....

I was working out after I had Canary. I dropped weight, I was doing good.

Then we bought a farm and I have been working on the new house and the old house all day. Working yes but not working out. I looked in the mirror today as I was getting in the shower and I knew that  things need to change!

I got on the scale...............168.5! WHAT!!!!

Okay time to change.

The trouble with me is that when I do something I like to dive right in and do it hard and fast. I want to  do a 10 day  juice fast to reset my body but I cannot do that while nursing ( you detox though your breast milk  because it is really just a modified sweat gland.)

So time to start  sweating and changing up my diet again.

I need to focus on me and  getting fit and  not focus on those who are around me who want to live lazy unhealthy lives, Maybe my change will cause those around me to change as well.

I saw this on Facebook last week, As for today I am getting on my bike and leaving 14 yr old Falcon with the 4 littles while I go bike ride around the new city.

To health.... cheers!

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