Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fairy fires = survival skills

Fire building for kids

We were reading Little House of the Prairie and Pa was talking about fire building so I thought what a great time this would be to teach my children how to build their very own fire. I saw a post on Pinterest a awhile back about making small  fairy size fires so thats just what we did.

Each child was sent out site to find Fuel, Tnder, rocks and a good dirt area to build the fire at.

Fuel - smal twings
Tinder -  dry pine needles and leaves
 Rocks were gravel from the driveway to make our safe circle.

I ended up using lint as our tinder,  I seriously cannot start a fire without it, I am totally screwed if I need to start a fire in an emergency without dryer lint!! I need to work on that.
This is what I use to start a big fire outside!

They found a dirt area ( our driveway)

 Falcon helped Robin by showing her how to make a teepee style fire.

  Small Fairy fires!  After a lot of frustration and saying "I cannot do it" Robin successfully built her tepee style fairy fire.

Owl sat very still and watched as Falcon demonstrated, he needed more help ( the youngest) but he did it too!

Duck was being stubborn ( as usual) he just basically threw all his stuff in a pile. His dd not stay lit for more than 30 seconds.

The kids learned to use matches safely today as well.

As soon as we were done the kids were begging to do it again later today.

We will work on these fairy fire for the next few weeks and move up to big fires.

Building a fire-= a necessary= skill for all people to know!

I can't wait to do these fairy fires with my Girl Scout Troop this fall.

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