Thursday, June 25, 2015

Here and now

 My new motto- good reminder - everyday
 Words from Robin "Can we tie dye everything and live like hippies?" "Uh ya, Robin we kind  of do!"
 Rainbow Tie dye for our Girl Scout Zoo overnight.
 Nature find by Owl.
My favorite place to be.
 The start of my garden, unfortunately it is all DEAD now. I think I planted in a bad spot I need to  get my soil tested.
 Read aloud outside in the hammock

Project on canvas the littles did last year, finally up on the wall. Each child did their own quarter of the sun with provided paints and scrap book paper. They had some rules but each expressed their own individuality in each section. This will be the focal point on the kitchen wall that I am doing a college gallery on.

Example of a a bright fun gallery wall.

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