Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hot July!

"Hot July brings stormy showers
Lemonade and Lazy hours" ( not so much the lazy hours here!)

Well it brings lots of rain, we have had a record amount of rain this year. I feel like I am in the rainforest.

I do love the rain and big windy storms!

Now that the ticks are dying down the mosquitoes are CRAZY, TERRIBLE this year, we almost cannot go outside it is so bad.

Yummy Blueberry mint Lemonade (fresh squeezed of course)

Homemade Popsicles- the only way to eat them and know they have wholesome ingredients. Mostly they have been yogurt and fruit, next week I am making carrot, beet, strawberry and apple-kale popsicles.

First real swim in the pond this year, it has been too cold or rainy

Canary loved watching everyone else play but did not want to go in today.

Canary chasing chickens.

Trying to feed the dog pine chips.

Now trying the chickens.

The babies in their not quite finished home. They will be trapped in there for 48 hours so they get acclimated to their new home and want to go there at night to roost instead of the crammed brooder in the barn.

Hmmmmm, both eggs from my chickens they all free range the same 15 acres and have access to the same feed. One seems to be a much better forger than the other.

When boredom strikes build your own slide from debris on the farm.

Papabird off to TSC

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