Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting into the school swing

I homeschool my children, which means for me constant change. Every year sometimes even multiple times a year I change up what I am doing and how I am doing it. If a certain textbook is not working I find something new. If a certain way  of teaching is not working I find a new way. Each one of my children is so very different from the rest. That means constant change. what works for one may not work for all of them.

That means lots of work on my part. I do not just buy a box curriculum and follow along daily nor do I use an online school. I write my own lessons, come up with my own ideas and that means lots of work and change. I spend countless hours searching pinterest, my favorite art blogs and the library for just the right things I am looking for.

Why? because my kids are worth it. When they remember things is great detail from years before I know I am doing it right.

This year is the first year we have taken a pretty long break.When I added baby #5 to the mix and bought a farm at an auction spur of the moment it really set me back. Baby Canary is now almost 18 months and we have lived at the new farm for about 7 months. We usually school year round but I found that impossible to do when the house was in boxes and we were still working on getting the old house ready as well as getting the new house livable. So much went wrong at first: We ripped all the heating out and found our new heating was not working, we had to dig a new well, so many things went wrong the list is soooo long.

I am still unpacking we are STILL remodeling, painting and shufflings things from room to room, we still do not even use every room in the house yet because they are not ready - baby steps we are moving forward.

My homeschooling stuff is finally ALL unpacked and sorted through well mostly so now I am excited about teaching the kids because I will be able to actually find what I need.

Back to schooling- back to lesson plans -learning is fun!

When are we starting school? Not sure, I hope to be ready next week *if all goes as planned*

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