Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy, content, warm...

"I am rich today with autumns gold" -Gladys Harp

It is that wonderful time of the year here in the Northern part on the US that  the trees turn beautiful shades if crimson, magenta, golden yellows, flaming orange and the leaves drift slowly to the ground. That sound of the wind tossing leaves from the trees, leaving theme swirling on the porch where they creep lazily into the house.
(Little Baby C's toes)

Crunch, crunch go the leaves under  my  feet!  Ahhhhhhhhh the wonderful smell of dead decaying leaves, it smells like fall! It really is a wonderful smell, it brings: warm sweaters, snuggles, bonfires, s'mores, football games and warm pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin, it really is my favorite. Anyway you spin it =  Delicious: pies, muffins, cookies, smoothies and if course who could forget the overpriced yuppie Starbucks  pumpkin. Spice Latte.  Try it breve with whipped cream, yum!

It is a cold fall night in the nest tonight. I still refuse to turn on the heat. I try and wait longer and longer each year trying to cut costs. I am  freezing tonight after eating a  slightly  warm bowl of chicken soup left on the stove from dinner 3 hours ago  and drinking a cup of mostly hot peppermint tea that I forgot I made myself. I just could not warm up. So I jumped in the shower to let steamy ribbons of  mineral rich  well water warm my body. I finally emerged and dressed in fuzzy pink pants, an old grey sweatshirt, my blue knit hat and wool socks I am finally laying in bed...... toasty  warm.  Nestled in my cozy cream flannel sheets, a pink and white shabby chic quilt and a brown/gold/red comforter on top.

Some of my little birds are sick tonight with fever and headaches. Fall brings viruses too!

I lay here ...... happy, content, warm!

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MommyKuehner said...

Every time I see anything pumpkin, I think of you :) Hope everyone feels better soon!