Sunday, November 15, 2015

So how do you poo? Do you sit or do you Squat?

You all have heard of the squatty potty right? Well, if you are a crunchy mama (these hippie folks who like to use all natural treatments of everything) you already know. But if you are a mainstream mama (most of society just following the heard and doing everything deemed 'normal') you may not know.

So I am here to enlighten you today  below is a WONDERFUL and hilarious clip. MUST WATCH

A family member has been using a stool to get  their legs up in a squatting position for as long as I can remember. I never knew why until 2 years ago when I was first introduced to the squatty potty on one of my crunchy/hippie forums. I have been using a stool since then, but now that I am  having kids with constipation issues I think it is time to invest in a squatty stool.

I have these on my amazon wish list, hopefully Santa sees this and can make my Christmas wish come true.

Check out this amazon review:
"I never thought I would ever review my morning constitutional but this product needs to be taken serious. I had seen an article many months ago about how we doody "wrong". I thought it was a bunch of bunk until one day I was walking and suddendly was in a very uncomfortable situation where I was nowhere near facilities, modern or otherwise, so that I might take care of the increasing pressure building up in my butt and at 62 years old I could not depend on the sphincter to not give out before I could get home, so I did what anyone would do and ducked into some dense bushes before I exploded and had a heavy load to cart home in my britches. In a matter of seconds the deed was done and I could not believe the size of the prize*....which got me to thinking more about the squatty potty. Before I purchased this product I would return to the Loo 3 or 4 times a day but now it gets done all in one squatting. I am a short person (4'9") and the 7" is a perfect size for me. In fact, a taller person could use a shorter one if they were made available. I gave the 9" to my son for his children to use and they have not had the problems with elimination that they were having before they had this great little stool. I recommend this for anyone who does not feel total relief after their daily doo.
*I did return to the scene of the incident and did the responsible thing by picking up what I left behind"

Now since we are on the topic of  pooping let's talk pee as well. When I was pregnant I came across THIS link my a favorite blogger of mine "mommypotapmus"  that says woman have week pelvic floor muscles  because in the U.S we do not squat when we pee.

So there I was wiggling and dancing as I painted the chicken coop all by my lonesome. I was drinking a lot of water because I was hot and working hard!!My mother in law was inside the house watching my sick cranky kids. I knew if I walked back to the house it could take 20 minutes just to pee because I will be bombarded with questions and have the sick clingy toddler who will not want me to go away. So I remember how good squatting to pee really is (Thanks  mommypotamus!) and I remembered that my good old friend Buffy told me not too long ago peeing around your coop can help keep predators at bay.( Double win!!!)

Side note: we have 6 missing birds right now and lots of feathers left behind ( my favorite green egg layer is gone too!)

So I pulled my pants down, ( no one can see anywhere on our land. Maybe I drank a lot of water or maybe it really was the squatting action that relaxed my muscles fully but I peed FOREVER!!! Two minutes later (give or take I wasn't counting) and I was back  to painting again. No lost time and .....maybe .....just maybe helped deter some predators away from my lovely hens.

                                             (The coop all primed on 4 sides by me!!!!)

Another win for the squatty potty.

More on pelvic health? Here is another great read. 

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