Tuesday, November 24, 2015

And just like that it was winter.

Well, it is not winter officially yet but in my world I really consider the first snow that sticks, Winter!

 I walked outside at 9am to see this just outside my door, it is going to be a magical day!
 First time the ducks saw snow and they cared less they just waddled right to the pond. They were more  concerned with the water being partially frozen.

The chickens on the other hand did not like the snow. They ran right out of the coop and huddled under the awning  at the back of the barn.
 Sun shining through green leaves not quite ready to admit it is winter!
 Blissfully happy this afternoon taking care of the animals. It was so beautiful I walked out to the back of the forest with just the dog and no phone leaving the little birds inside the house wondering what took me so long outside.

Bright blue sky, warm sun, pure white snow. So enchanting. I must have stared up at the contrast of the bright blue sky and the glistening snow for 10 minutes.

Snow dog having fun, she was tracking coyote prints.

* These picture were taken with my son's $100 camera not my nice one and not edited in anyway that is how beautiful a day it was.

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