Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our week in Review

For my littles we started an ocean theme for this month.

Falcon- is still working though his earth Science Unit we should be done with it by the middle of next week. Not sure if we will move on to genetics or astronomy next. I will have to see what Falcon decides.

Robin- Is learning all about the habitats of Sea turtles and jellyfish we are also talking about greener ways to help turtles, ocean pollution and the earth.I started reading this book to Robin

One of the chapters we read was all about plumbing and where your waste water goes so we followed all our pipes in the basement and I explained to them which pipes were fresh water and which were waste water. They especially thought the big pipe that the toilet water goes down was cool. They all took turns running upstairs to flush the toilet to hear the water rushing through the pipes. When we had company over this week they waited to show them all about the pipe that the poop goes in!I also discovered a leaky pipe so we will be calling the plumber next week.

Falcon- is working on Ancient Egypt

Robin- is workimg on her American Girl Felicity unit. We went to a fancy tea time at an older house that was built in the 1900 but was decorated with a late 1700 style. There was a 2 hour wait to be seated and Robin was not interested in staying. One of the docents felt so bad for her that she took us upstairs part of the house that was closed and gave us a private tour. Robin and Falcon were excited about our private led tour we all enjoyed looking through all the rooms and hearing the history of the house. There were many items that Felicity would have used here is a picture of one of the bedrooms with a cradle, fireplace, and bed warmer.

Robin and Falcon also made Tin punched lanterns.

As a family we are memorizing the 7 sea turtles there are.We painted picture of baby sea turtles making their way across the beach the We also did a water tension experiment with pepper (we did it like 8 times in row the kids loved it)

Here is a video I pulled from you tube.
We also made our tin punched lanterns for our Felicity project
The monarch butterfly that our neighbor gave us in the the fridge right now so we can relax the wings to start the mounting process.

Robin lost her first tooth yesterday. It makes me sad that she is getting older but happy that she is getting older to. When she was 10 days old I was changing her diaper on the floor of my Mother in laws living room when her eyes rolled back in her head. She was foaming at the mouth and went into a full blown grand mal seizer, she then stopped breathing and turned blue. Thank goodness my mother in law was right next to me at the time and was able to give her CPR and get her to start breathing again while I was on the phone with 911. That was the scariest thing I ever had to go through that is an image I will never be able too erase from my mind. After many days in the hospital and lots of tests they never did figure out what happened to her, but she is a happy healthy 5 year old now.

This is Robin the morning before her seizer.

We worked of other subjects but nothing else of note to mention. So how was your week?


Phyllis said...

Two of my children have seizures, so I can imagine how scary that must have been with that precious little baby!
Sound like a busy and full week. The house you toured looks wonderful. Too bad it was such a log wait.

MommyKuehner said...

How scary!!! Robin is such a precious little thing! Looks like a fun week.

whateverphilippians48 said...

My son had febrile seizures when he was a baby and that was scary. His first one actually happened while at the ER and he stopped breathing! I am so happy that he outgrew those! I am glad that your little girl didn't have anymore.

Tracy said...

What a scary thing to happen to your precious little girl! I'm so glad everything worked out well and your daughter is thriving and healthy! Love the picture of the house tour! How fun! Thank you for linking up to NOBH! So glad you can join in!

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