Monday, December 12, 2011

FIAR Lentil - When stories come alive

In the story Lentil by Robert McCloskey a character tastes a lemon and they talk about lips being puckered from the taste. So of course we cut up a lemon. Not one of my children's lips puckered they ate them all up begging for more,my kids love sour stuff. Even Owl loved them and asked for more. Strangely though for lunch we had some Texas grapefruit and Falcon says to me "I don't like Grapefruit its to sour" Um okay you just ate a lemon that's a lot more sour than a grapefruit!
We studied our sense of taste and drew a tongue and labeled them.

Owl is gluing foods he likes the taste of on a big red tongue.

Falcon finishing up his tongue.

The song from the story Lentil

WE had a lot of fun finding the beat to this song and marching through the house with our instruments pretending to be our own marching band.Of course this was Owl, Duck and Robin's favorite. This song prompted us to cook Chicken and dumplings.

Falcon and Robin thought this was a fun marching band video to watch.

I love how you really FEEL the music when a marching band plays it. I don't know if it is because so many people are doing it in unison or if it is the loud distinct beat, but I just love hearing marching bands especially in person. We spent quite awhile listening to different marching bands on you tube.

Looking at a bridge built near us that was meant to remember a local World War II veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor. Its a cool bridge the LED lights down the center light up at night and change colors.

After reading the story Robin really wanted to meet a real solider so after some thought I remembered an Army recruiting station near by, so I packed up all 4 kids and off we went.

Listening to Sargent Bliss tell us about the Army.

Robin browsing pamphlets while we waited for Sargent Bliss to get off the phone.

There were lots of inspirational posters down the halls I really liked what this one said.


MommyKuehner said...

What a cool field trip!!! You are super creative :)

Julie said...

Love the bridge and the field trip.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Lentil is one of our favorites...and we did FIAR when my dd was younger. Thanks for linking up to NOBH.

Chareen said...

loved your marching video.

Your army pictures reminded me of growing up in a defence force home. Happy memories. So proud of my dad.

Great idea. Thanks for sharing