Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zoo Sketching and Lady Bug Learning.

After circle time was over I decided to bust out a new game that I found at Toys R Us

Flip over three cards to create a new challenge. Can you crab walk to the bedroom with the fish under your chin? Can you dance around a chair with the fish between your knees? There are hundreds of hilarious possibilities, and every game is belly-laughing fun. We had a blast doing these activities together it was a great fun way to get kids moving, laughing and working on memorization.

The last Challenge Robin did said to Tip toe to a book with the fish inside your clothes. Robin then brought me the book...

Great! I thought to myself we need to work on time anyway so we read the book together and got our our foam clock to change the times along with the book.

After the story we cut out a leaf and used clovers as aphids (what was on hand)
and rolled our dice to do some adding and subtracting work while pretending to be ladybugs eating the aphids!

What fun! I love when spontaneous ideas make learning so fun. This is why I have such a hard time sticking with a set curriculum. I love when life just creates learning.

Drawing is something my kids all struggle with and get discouraged easily. Today we finished up our school work early so we headed to the zoo on a beautifully sunny 30 degree day to sketch some zoo animals. The Wolves were just laying around up by the glass posing for us. The Tiger was pacing back and forth roaring right up by the front of the exhibit. We had the zoo totally to ourselves it was so nice to let my littles ones run and not worry about them getting lost in a crowd.

Falcon drew the 2 at the top Robin drew the one on the bottom. We added these to our zoo sketch book folders.


Traci's Teaching Times said...

Brrr, I know you guys must live very north to say a beautiful sunny day at 30 degrees. We would be freezing.
It's hard for us to follow a set curriculum too. We see other things that catch our interest & off in another direction we go. Even using the Apologia Physical Science this year we have pulled in more books along side of it. We're in our 16th week of school & have not finished the 4th Modgel in the book. I know we're not finishing 16 by the end of our school year. We'll finish it when we get there.

Stef Layton said...

oh I so adore the grouchy lady bug (I feel like her most early mornings)

enjoy your weekend !

Lindsi B said...

We also live in a "sunny beautiful day at 30 degrees" place and I totally understand! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

MissMOE said...

What a fabulously fun kind of learning! I'm impressed with all your spur of the moment learning--skip the curriculum and keep up the joyful learning!

Beth ( said...

What a fun unit!! You are so creative! Thanks for linking up to tGIF! See you Friday =)