Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gift Quality Sun Catchers

These are so easy and pretty all you need is:
Sturdy Frame (I used 5x7) 4x6's would work well too but larger frames may not fit well in some windows.
Flat glass beads
Tacky glue
Hot glue
Spray paint (optional)

1.We used old oak frames that I spray painted black (you could leave it plain or paint any color you want) I chose black to go with our living room decor.

2. When your frames are dry, hot glue the glass to the inside of the frame.

3. When the hot glue has been set you can put the back of the frame on. This will not be staying on for the final product but it is there for extra support while gluing in beads.

4. Now you will glue (using tacky glue) flat glass beads on the glass or any other semi transparent items that would look pretty with sun shining through.

I only let my children use blue, white and clear beads with 1 signature color to for each child.

My favorite placement

I wish the sun had been shining today to really capture the beauty of these sun catchers but I love them so much and cannot wait to make more.

I must give some credit to Family Fun magazine on this one. Years ago they had project like this but wanted you to drill holes at the top of the frames and hang them on the wall. We made these over a year ago and they have sat on my dresser ever since. I was cleaning today and thinking of throwing them away because I was never going to get around to drill holes in them to hang. As I walked to the garbage I was hit with the great idea of placing them on window sills as sun catchers. I LOVE THEM! I like this idea much better than the first one. These would make great inexpensive gifts especially if you checked out your local Goodwill or thrift store for the frames. I cannot wait to make some more in bright fun colors.

I would love to see your sun catchers if you make these please post a link to them in my comments. Happy Crafting.


MommyKuehner said...

Those are really nice. I will have to remember that for an anniversary present coming up!

Mama Bird said...

Thanks, I cant wait to make some more now. Funny how de-cluttering my dresser led to this awseome craft.

Amy said...

What a great project! And so pretty. Thanks for sharing the idea. We may have to try these. Thanks for linking up through NOBH. Smiles -

Beth ( said...

What a fun project -it came out super cute! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,