Monday, February 13, 2012

American Girl Felicity Projects and Crafts

A small group on homeschooling moms and I made an American Girl co-op. We meet once a month to discuss the books and do a group craft.

Meeting 1/ month 1
We made coral brackets just like Felicity wore in book. None of the girls wanted theirs to be all red coral like the book so we mixed in a few other natural beads.

We made also made mob caps for our dolls. The mother that brought this project also brought fabric and ribbon to make a matching child size one as well. We didn't have time to finish those.

At home we made a old fashioned fireplace and pretended to make apple butter in it. We used wood my dad was just getting ready to throw away from a chair he had in the basement from the 70,s it's not perfect but functional for our projects. I lined the back with a black garbage bag.I then taped construction paper to it for flames. We used old toilet paper tubes as logs to keep the fire going. Even my younger boys had so much fun with this collecting wood, stirring apples in the cauldron and then pouring it into jars. I bought the cauldron from a Halloween store in September then drilled a hole in each side to hang it over the fire. I couldn't find a small cauldron with a handle do I made one. We talked about how much harder the simple things were in Felicity's time and how having an open fire like this to cook on would be dangerous and hot. (note: the dress Robin is wearing was made by Mom and worn by me in a wedding when I was 4 in the early 80's. This has been my daughters favorite dress for 2 years.)

Here is Robin making sure she doesn't scorch her dress by the flames (just like the Felicity did in the story.) We made our own apple butter in the crockpot out of the apples we picked from the orchard and enjoyed this on our freshly baking gluten free bread at tea time.

Tea on Tuesday
We enjoyed having tea every Tuesday afternoon and discussing the book and enjoying a fun snack. My 11 yr old son would sometimes read to us chapters from the story while we sipped our tea.

Month 2/meeting 2

This is a tea block. This is actually the way that tea came back then. You just chip a bit off then steep it. This block is compressed tea leaves. So, during the Boston Tea party this is what they threw in the water not tea leaves. Who knew? I sure didn't!

Some of the girls taking turns shaking a jar of fresh raw cream to make butter

One of the moms was able to obtain a colonial box from a local museum which had many historical goodies in it such as: toys, a drum, coins, a flag, period clothing and so much more. They all had a blast looking through the items.

Here our Tin lanterns:

Directions to make these:
Step 1: Use a clean aluminum or tin can, fill with water leaving about 1/2inch from the top for water to expand.

Step 2: Lay on a towel to help prevent slipping then use a large head nail to hammer into your cam to make holes.

Step 3: Let the water melt. We used a battery powered tea light inside so it was child safe. Robin loves to use this as a light in her room and for creative play with her American girl dolls and other toys.


sunnymama said...

This looks a lot of fun! Love the picture of the dolls in their mob caps. :)

Thanks for calling by at my blog and also for getting one of our All Year Round buttons. It would be great if you'd like to host the spring carnival here. I couldn't find any contact details for you but if you can let me know your email address, using our contact form (link below), I'll send you the details for carnival hosts. Thank you! :)

K Coake said...

New follower from the Weird Unsocialized Link up. LOVE the Felicity ideas. My girls would love it if we found an AG club. Maybe I will get inspired and start one.

Heidi said...

The mob caps are too cute. Looks like a fun batch AG Felicity activities. Thanks for linking up with us at NOBH!