Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhog Week and yearly goal update.

It was one of those weeks that when Friday rolled around it felt like it should be Tuesday still.

I was on the news this week (the groundhog day event the kids and I were at), my husband and 3 kids were photographed for a promotion at our mall, and I won a gift card in a random drawing from the library. Our family just cannot get out of the spotlight! Last week the TV commercial, marketing add, and newspaper write up about the library this week about a local groundhog day event and other things. The news crew asked me a few questions that I did not know the answer too! Luckily they cut most of what I said out and just had me on for a quick second with just one short statement.

Our local park system held a groundhog day event with games, snacks (all healthy fruits a groundhog would eat grapes, apples, oranges etc..) I was so excited to NOT see a table full of processed crap food. Here we are on our nature walk through the park looking at an actual groundhog burrow. In the summer they sit on this rock all day. I cant wait to take the kids back in the spring to see if we see them.

looking down from the bridge at the chipmunks running across the logs over the water.

We spotted many animal tracks on our walk baby and mama deer tracks, snake tracks, varies rodents, and of course groundhog tracks.

We ate Ice cream at Coldstone Creamery for lunch one day. Got messy with art projects from the Painted Paper blog (I will be blogging about our awesome art project we are working on later next week)and had fun dancing to Choo Choo Soul.

My New Years resolution update:
remember my goals
1. Write at least 1000 words a week for my novel
I did NOT hit this goal, I got side tracked on another writing project that I am working on. One that will bring in more money (hopefully) for the family. I saw this as a priority and will be working on both next month
2. Make a kids created monthly scrapbook
We will be finishing up a page for our scrapbook this weekend, I got a little behind on this one due to my computer crashing and having to buy a new one.
3.Do yoga at least 2 nights a week
Hit this goal easily
4.Jog outside, kids free!
I had a good start on this one but then I had to go see a chiropractor about some back issues and I was told not to rum for awhile
5. A year long study of 12 famous artists. Each month we will focus on one 1 artist and create an art project replica of a famous painting
Hit this goal and Studies Van Gogh with beautiful art replicas now hanging in my kitchen (check out my blog post on it)

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