Friday, February 3, 2012

Skeletal System

We read all about the skeletal system.

Made model of the spine using a pipe cleaner and pony beads.

The pipe cleaner is the spinal cord and the white beads represent the 33 vertebrae.

We tried to make a model using pink as the cartilage in-between the vertebra but there was not enough room to put 33 vertebra and cartilage.

Trying different ways our spine let's us move.

We watched magic school bus- Human Body. Then took pictures of our ribs to get a better look at them up close

Ducks ribs!

A trip to the chiropractor with me. I had the doctor pull up my X-rays to show the kids. You can see by the red line my hips are all out of whack ( I am assuming every woman who carries a baby around on their hip or crosses their legs is the same way)

The doctor wasn't very excited that I had 4 kids with me at the chiropractor and was turning my appointment into a science lesson!

I printed off a skeleton from enchanted learning website then laminated it.

The kids had fun putting the skeleton back together.

Robin wasn't sure at first why she had extra pieces (she left out the Femur and Humerus) by the end of week she could do it very easily.

We played games naming different parts of our bones to each other and pointing them out on each other.
One child stood up in front of all of us while we shouted out different bones the person in front had to point to the part until he got one wrong then he sat down. We played this everyday and by the end of the week Falcon and Robin could name 25 major bones in the human skeleton.

Of course we cooked bone broth and discussed why the bones are so strong when I put them in but after I boil it for 12 hours the bones will just fall apart in your hands. We discussed why bone broth is so healthy for you if made right because it pulls all the vitamins and minerals out of the bones so we can eat it.


MommyKuehner said...

That looks like fun!!!

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

Great week! The bone naming game is a great idea...I'll have to try that when we do a bone study.