Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FIAR- Three Names

We enjoyed some lemonade and gluten free cookies just like they did in the story.
We made coconut macroons and chocolate chip cookies from Elana's Pantry.

I was having a hard time explaining to Robin how an outhouse worked so I figured why not build one. So we took our studies outside (another reason I LOVE homeschooling) We dug a hole (during this time we talked about root cellars, as well and felt how cold the earth was when we got deeper and deeper into the soil.) then placed a toilet paper tube down into the dirt just leaving a bit out of the soil.
 We packed the soil all around it for stability.
 Next we used a piece of cardboard to place over the hole we made so you could sit down on it. ( well if you were that little) Robin's Barbie doll  used this restroom later in the afternoon. Barbie didn't want picture of that posted online though!

Finally we cut a door in a orange juice container and cut the bottom off as well to place over the top of the toilet.

Now she totally understand how an outhouse works! It was a very quick and crude example of how an outhouse works but pretty clever ( if I do say so myself) to whip up in 5 minutes using stuff I had sitting in our craft box.

Our black lab keeping Robin company near what she uses as a desk when we do school work.
He was not laying on her feet like Three names did to Grandfather though, but if it was winter time he may have.

This is our neighbors foster pup, a Golden retriever just like Three names. She is training this dog to be a service dog, The pup visits us everyday as part of his training to get well accustomed to children and many distractions. We read Magic Tree House fact Tracker Dog Hero's we talked about how Three names wasn't a service dog but was defiantly a helper dog to the Grandfather. He Would have never let him get lost on the Prairie.

We went for a walk through a Prairie, we also practiced spelling words on a slate just like Grandfather.

We visited a one room school house back in June and Robin remembered all about it. The School was just like the one grandfather went to. We went back through  the pictures and went back out to visit the school house again.

Notice the tin lunch pail and slates on the steps?
Just like Grandfather's schoolhouse, you can just see the outhouse's through the back door.

I had a hard time finding a set of marbles ( I guess kids really don't play these type of games anymore) I did find some in the dollar section of Toys R Us. After a walk in the park with some friends I got out the marbles that I had brought with me.

The older kids had so much fun playing with them.

The littles were having a good time as well just sorting them and rolling them into the circle.

The kids have been playing marbles all week and even coming up with their own new ways to play!

We also  read many additional books  about Prairies, Horses, and dogs.

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