Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal

In my life this week...
I went to lunch with a  homeschooling friend and her boys to our Taekwondo instructors Korean restaurant, It was so nice to chat and have a very yummy lunch among friends  the older boys were excited to sit at their own table and feel like adults. When I went to the bathroom I noticed Falcon's picture was on the poster for our Taekwondo studio.
I also went out with some homeschool friends to a coffee shop one evening to discuss all things homeschooling  and girl talk in general.

We went sledding the day before it all melted again!
My little boys have been so crazy lately that I feel like I need to super glue their pj's to the sheets to keep them in bed! They have just been so rambunctious!

In our homeschooling week...
It's been one of those weeks that I feel like I got so much and so little done all at the same time? Do you ever feel that way?

We are working on studying Belgium for our homeschool group event that I help run.
We worked on making comics since they are big in Belgium
 The comics Tintin and the Smurfs originated in Belgium

Then we watched

Another series we started this week, we are on disk 2.

Gummi bear math
We did all sorts of probability, fractions estimating adding subtracting and sorting  before dividing them equally between us to eat.
Robin starting to lick  her gummi bears to help act as glue to stack her bears but didn't have much more success.

I bought  M&M's's to do this color wheel project. but almost ate all of the M&M's before we had a chance to do it. I have the will power to not buy junk at the store and bring it home but if it's in my house I have no will power not to eat it!

We  made peanut butter button and bear cookies to go along with our BFIAR Courduroy unit.

I also drank a bit more coffee than I usually do this week due to coupons I had for 2 of my favorite coffee shops. Falcon was so excited I let him order his first coffee he had a caramel mocha latte breve with decaf espresso and whipped cream.

So ya, it was a junk food kind of schooling week

I am cooking....
Beef Strognoff
Gluten free peanut buttter cookies
Home made gluten free pizza\

A fun one that has been circling facebook, so true.


Tristan said...

Sounds like fun learning with the Gummi bears. Now I have to ask - have your kids ever seen an episode of the Gummi Bears cartoon? Mine love it...LOL.

Jenni Ryan said...

That Gummi Bears experiment sounds like fun! I am also making Beef Stroganoff this week :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Meg Hykes said...

"It's been one of those weeks that I feel like I got so much and so little done all at the same time" I've had the same week here! It makes for a very long week?

MommyKuehner said...

How fun...need to try those PB cookies when get home!

We haven't even started Belgium. Need to, but may not be here for it. So probably won't do a big project. I am failing at World Geography this year.