Thursday, January 3, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal

In My life this week ( well 2 weeks)...
On Christmas eve night my 5 year old woke up vomiting, as soon as it started my husband and I just gave each other the look. You see, 2 years ago on Christmas eve night  Robin started vomiting then within 48 hours it spread to all of us and was one of the worst stomach bugs I had ever seen it was BAD  my husband was laying on the floor unable to move shaking, I had passed out. It was bad. So as soon as this started we feared the worst. Luckily it only spread to my 3 and 5 year old. My poor 3 year old would not stop chugging water and was throwing up and dry heaving at least once an hour for 30 hours. The bug ended up lasting  7 days in both kids....Duh!

The living room floor on a vinyl table cloth is where my 2 littles hung out for 7 days. I cant believe  that I Did not come up with the waterproof table cloth earlier in my parenting years. It worked out so well,  its waterproof and easily wiped up.

On Christmas Eve day before anyone was sick I took the kids to go see Wreck It Ralph I even bought popcorn and soda which I never do because of the icky ingredients but it was a special day so I did and the kids were overjoyed!
It was such a cute show, we all loved it. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. I must say that when the movie was over we all wanted to play video games.

I worked on my goals for 2013 you can read all about it here ,as well as read about how well I did on last years goals.

I planned on spending time redoing Falcon's school priorities, cleaning and de-cluttering school stuff and packing away Christmas  decor. Instead I laid  around for 7 days rubbing bellies, holding  buckets and nursing my littles back to health while my 2 older kids played video games.Not quite what I planned but life never is!

In our homeschooling week...
The first week of January brought back our routine a bit.
Robin mailed off  a poem to Zoo books about "little cats" as well as she wrote a letter to Mulan  link here  according the the website she should get a signed letter back,I will let you know if she does.

She worked on animal adaptions for her zoo class next week.

We started our whether unit and made a weather journal, here are the daily charts we are doing.

We also look at weather across the country daily and today we were checking out what it was like in Disney World.

We went to the planetarium to see Zulu's Weather Patrol.

Duck and Owl
Have been working on ABC mouse and Reading eggs. They also have been doing projects with us for our FIAR book this week Harold and the Purple Crayon.

My little boys were in trouble for breaking their toys for fun so they are grounded from their toys, out of boredom Owl decided that he would start cutting up his sock.

 Is working on a paper about the dangers of GMO's. He also started back doing Latin using Lively Latin its a great program we have used it for quite some time.

As family we are working on
Studying Indonesia for Geography
History of Buddhism
The Composer  Handel
The artist Mary Casset
The 2 older kids creating their own blogs.

Art project Robin and Falcon did for our Ancient China studies we are wrapping up.
Lunch this week: egg salad, gluten free crackers, cucumbers, apples and grapefruit. YUM!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry the stomach bug hit your house and stayed for the last week of the year!

I had good intentions of getting my cleaning, decluttering, reorganizing projects done on our three-week break too. Unfortunately, sinus infections and bronchitis hit our house---and one of the victims was me! I'm back on my feet just in time to start schooling again. I'll have to work the "projects" into the regular schedule a little at a time.

Meg Hykes said...

I'm so sorry you all spent Christmas so sick. We had a year like that too and its never a good time. Great idea though about the waterproof table cloth! Next time it hits our house I will definitely be barrowing that! I love that you chart the weather at Disney World - what a super fun addition!

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

If I could go the rest of my life without a stomach bug in the house that would be fantastic - but if that doesn't happen, I'm using the waterproof tablecloth idea. That's one of those {smack head} why didn't I think of that things. :)

Anyway, sorry y'all had sickies at Christmas, but blessings on getting back to feeling good and getting back in the swing of things!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Us too, but without the vomiting so I guess it wasn't quite so bad for me. Vomiting is the worse! Ugh! You should've heard the 4 of us - skipped my husband since we came down with it visiting family, but we shared with them ;) - coughing and sneezing and sniffling constantly! My youngest spent Christmas with a 103.9 fever...but we're mostly better now! I hope you all are feeling 100%!

Will you be sharing Falcom's GMO paper? This year we're planning to go with heirloom seeds for the garden. No GMOs! I didn't even know about it until the last couple of months! I guess I'm behind on the times, but I'm catching up!

raventhreads said...

We all had a stomach bug...three days before Christmas. I wish I had had the idea of a plastic tablecloth for my toddlers. Instead, I kept rushing them to our hardwood floor in the kitchen!

Holly said...

Oh ick! So sorry to her that all the babies were sick. What a great idea about the tablecloth though. If I had thought of that I would have saved myself a lot of laundry when my kids were little. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Happy New Year!

Aadel Bussinger said...

Isn't it funny what you come up with in a pinch - when the kids are sick? We had the stomach bug too and I was frantic for something - so I grabbed our Hobbit popcorn bucket we got from the movies! LOL - the kids were horrified but I assured them later it would be bleached and well sanitized before any future use. :-)