Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pinterest and Starbuck's

In my life this week...
After my 2 little ones just got over a tummy virus we now moved into a another virus, Sore throat sore muscles, headache, coughing, runny noses blah blah blah you know the rest. Seems like half of the U.S. has this and/or the tummy virus we had as well.

I had some heart testing done, I have been having difficulty breathing and palpitations its been going on for about a year but I felt the need to get it checked. Just last week I found out a close friend of a friend of mine went into cardiac arrest and died, she was only 35! Within the last month I found out a friend of mine has congestive heart failure and and another friend I went to high school with I found out he died of a heart attack 3 years ago at the age of 31! So I felt it was time to just make sure things are okay. people in their 30's having heart problems is just crazy!

Homeschooling around town...
On our way to homeschool event I felt that I was in need of a pick me up so I headed over to Starbucks's, home of the over priced but rather tasty coffee!There were 14 cars in front of me at the drive through. I bet no one  was was inside, lazy Americans! I sat in my car and waited like a lazy American as well. My excuse is that I have 4 kids to get out of the car just to go in, 2 of which I need to buckle and unbuckle from car seats which is a serious headache, so I choose the drive though. The kids were watching a documentary on volcanoes in the car, I LOVE our built in DVD system in the car its a great way to sneak in more education into a day.

Duck wearing the Starbucks's hat!

As far as our homeschool studies go we have been working on all sorts of things:
The human body
The war of 1812
and many other items.
I am in the process of changing up all of Falcon's work. I think we are going to be changing his studies to more of a Charlotte Mason method and try Ambleside online, now just trying to decide what level to start him at.

I am reading...

Whats cooking...
Lots of stuff a friend on mine has been pinning crockpot recipes like crazy so I have been repinning almost all of her pins on Pinterest and cooking some great food. So if you read this Sara, Thanks! Speaking of Pinterest I am highly addicted I spend to much time pinning stuff but I must say I have done some neat  projects with the kids because of Pinterest so I am very thankful for that.

A photo to share...
Falcon shot this picture at the zoo
The 1 year old tiger cubs were nose to nose with us today. They were pawing at the glass and chasing us back and forth in such a fun playful manor it was one of the most enjoyable moments I have ever had at the zoo. The kids were so excited to have the tigers interact with them so much.

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Jennifer said...

I hope your heart testing all comes back okay!