Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Math fun with "Ten Apples up on Top"

We read Ten Apples Up On Top and while reading the book I had the kids stack their math manipulative block together along with the story.
They stack them on their heads and tried to jump up and down  without them falling. (sorry about the out of focus picture)
Duck decided to do pattern all on his own without me even asking him, then he placed a counting bear up on top!
 I asked them to guess which block there were the most of. Duck guessed blue, Owl guessed yellow.Falcon stopped over taking a break from his work and guessed red.
 Duck sitting in his triangle  putting all his blocks together in 2's then we worked on counting by 2's. We just started using painters tape on the floor in  the shape of shapes to play games and such. They work so well I will be composing another blog entry on that later in the week..
All lined up, and the winner is RED and BLUE it was a tie.

It was such  a fun and simple story that really added a lot of fun math into this mornings circle time.
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Erica MomandKiddo said...

Very cute! It also reminds me of Caps for Sale.

city said...

thanks for share..