Friday, April 5, 2013

Another Week Come and Gone....

Our everyday life....
April is National donate Life month.
This cause is very near and dear to my heart, a good friend and fellow 36 yr old homeschooling  mom was just recently diagnoses with a rare  pulmonary disease and needs a double lung transplant.
Save a life and please registrar to donate here 

Some warmer weather has moved in, by that I mean 35-50 degrees! That is  pretty warm to me, so we have had a bit more of a relaxed week taking it a little easy and not hitting the school work as hard as usual, and spending some much needed time outside and with friends.

We went to an Easter egg  event at our zoo where Zookeepers  hide Easter eggs in animal exhibits and we watch the animals find them. There were to many people and I as getting irritable and anxious I literally had to yell at some lady for yelling at my kids and making Robin  cry. It ended up being a misunderstanding though but that woman was about to see how Mama bird protects her young when threatened!! I also needed to leave an exhibit because it was so crowded I was getting claustrophobic.

Our van was leaking fluids so we had to take  it to the shop $800 dollars later it was fixed! We bought this van brand new 3 years ago and have had to dump more money into it than any used vehicle I have ever owned!

Educating young minds....
Robin has a friend over to play and they played "school" Robin got out the Smithsonian book of natural history  then they made trees out of toilet paper tubes.

What we are reading....

I am reading

Falcon is reading
This is a fascinating non fiction book about cadavers, SERIOUSLY! Everything you ever wanted to know about a dead body, what do they really do when you donate your body to science? ( I had no idea the answers) What is the Body Farm? What is the  most environmentally friendly way to get rid of your corpse after you are gone? There are so many more questions I would have never thought of answered in this great read. I first read this  book about 6 years ago and thought Falcon would enjoy this read. I am trying to get him reading more non fiction than classics for school right now. He just finished The Voyage of The Spanish Armada.

Robin is reading
Robin is currently on book 4 of this series. So far this is her favorite American girl series next to Kaya. 

Duck  is  having me read to him

I must admit, I really despise reading boy character books! At least he is excited now about books I just do not care for his choices right now.
Owl is having me read to him
Although he reads it to himself in bed every night after I read it to him!

Falcon has been working at our office building doing spring cleaning by clearing out bushes and overgrown trees he gets paid $7.00 an hour and is eager to go to work everyday.

I made a spring cleaning list and was able to cross 3 things off already, here it is:
( The kids will all be helping with these items as well in the coming weeks ahead)

1.              Clean un finished side of basement. (8 hour job!)
2.              Get aquarium cleaned and prepare for chicks
3.              Get heat lamp for chicks
4.              Clean out fridge
5.              Wash kitchen cupboards
6.              Wash all kitchen walls
7.              Clean  the top of fridge
8.              Move all kitchen appliances and sweep under
9.              Change water filters
10.                       Clean and vacuum all beds with baking soda and lavender
11.                       Wash all drapes
12.                       Move beds and vacuum under them
13.                       Wash all dining room walls
14.                       Wash windows in my room, living room and kitchen
15.                       Wash windows upstairs
16.                       Wash windows in Robin's  room, dining room and bathroom
17.                       Build bunk beds
18.                       Clean and dust basement windows
19.                       Wash all baseboards
20.                       Vacuum all baseboard edges
21.                       Vacuum couches, freshen with lavender and baking soda
22.                       Wash dogs
23.                       Paint foyer ( call Mike to finish foyer ceiling)
24.                       Change furnace filter
25.                       Wash bathroom walls and cabinets buy a basket to hold bath     toys.
26.                       Clean black shelf in basement
27.                       Wash all mirrors tvs. and computer screens.
28.                       Finish 366 days a year photo book.
29.                       Put up mailbox in front of house
30.                       Clean ceiling fans
31.                       Install ceiling fan in dining room
32.                       Clean washer and dryer get basket to organize stuff that goes on top


Savannah McQueen said...

That is quite a to-do list and unfortunately I recognize quite a few things on it that I should be doing, too. I hope you'll consider adding this to the Homeschool Review link up on HammockTracks.

OSOTM said...

Wowzers! What a to do list! But it'll feel so good to get everything crossed out! I haven't made a list, but I always do the same things pretty much. I've already started and just keep at it, little by little, until about June (when I hope I'll be done LOL). Yikes on the zoo! Will you go back? Super crowded events aren't any fun for us. I guess we're spoiled being able to go when crowds are low.

Kirsten @ homeschool discoveries said...

My daughter is reading the Addy books as well right now. She likes it quite a bit, but Kirsten is her favorite! :-)

Becca said...

Thanks for sharing the transplant link and info. My husband is 10 months post-heart transplant now and I had no idea April was such a big deal in the transplant world.

MommyKuehner said...

I need to make a better spring cleaning list :)