Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poop! You know you are a homeschooler when you study it!

In my Life...
We spent the weekend at home improvement stores shopping and pricing out projects we would like to get done around our house.

We had a warm day so I decided to get on my bike for a workout.  It was still to cold to wear shorts and I didn't have any workout pants that don't have flare legs ( they will get stuck in the gears) so I put on a pair of skinny jeans that were VERY tight, which were problematic and  making it harder to move. After a 30 min. thigh burning bike ride, in a semi squat/standing  position to work legs harder I decided to sit on my bike for the rest of the ride  home.  I had been in the house about 5 min. and was washing out my water bottle when  Papabird  asked if I had peed my pants! I  looked in the mirror  and sure enough it looked like I peed my pants! My butt was sweating  on my ride home ...ha! ..I guess that is  another reason why you don't workout in skinny jeans.

I met my oldest friend for frozen yogurt one evening Many years ago we  worked together at a bar and would eat frozen  yogurt  almost everyday before work but we haven't had a frozen yogurt place in our town in maybe 10 years so it was fun to get together, in fact we are  meeting for frozen yogurt again tonight too!
It's a self serve yogurt bar, how fun is that?
Homeschooling and shaping young minds.....
You know you are a homeschooler when you talk and learn all about poop.

I bought his book from a used bookstore, it is a great book full of all sorts of facts and information, the kids have been reading it and laughing about all the gross facts.

The average person poops once a day and pees 4. Falcon insisted that  he only pees 3 times a day and poops only 3 times a week. I told him that there is NOWAY that was true  so to be funny and prove him wrong we started a poop chart to track the kids bathroom routines. So all week we tracked how many times each child used the bathroom  to see if we were average. We got many laughs over the poop chart and Robin loved getting everyone their poop stickers to put on the chart. She would shout "POOP STICKER!" I  must admit this was such a funny way  to prove him wrong.

The turtle at  our zoo class this week pooped all over the floor and all over the leg of the handler.

Worm poop, yes we had worms in our fridge and collected worm poop because it is good for your gardens. We have been working on worm science for the last 2 weeks.

Bird poop on my car, why is it  white?, The baby birds asked.

We seriously could not get off the topic of poop all week.

April is national poetry month so,....
Falcon wrote another amazing poem, he really has the knack for it! He wants to go to a poetry get together this Saturday!

I helped Robin write  poem about Girl scouts that we will be submitting to the state fair this summer.
The kids had a great time reading poetry from this book

We are no strangers to poetry the kids are  required to memorize at least  6 poems a year
We love Shel Silverstein for silly poems
For serious poems we like
Falcon met up with some other homeschool boys to give Golf Frisbee a try, he had a lot of fun. Now I am on the search for Golf Frisbee. It's a serious sport evidently, I had no idea!

When scanning facebook tonight before writing in my blog I cam across an article   whose headline ran Meet the family that sent 6 kids to college before 12! Of course it sucked me in, you can read it here  I thought I was ambitious wanting  to have my kids in college at a University by the age of 15, after reading this I  am feeling a bit inadequate! 

I can't wait to read this  new book where the family above is discussed in more detail along with some other great stories.

Favorite picture of the week....

Mom, Dad and  10 little baby mallards walking through the zoo.  The Zookeeper walked with them until they  finally decided to enter the elephant exhibit and hang out in the water. This was so fun, my 2 littles we overjoyed! I was so sad that  the the 2 older kids were in zoo classes at the time and missed this cool find.

A trip down memory lane...
I discovered that another homeschool friend of mine worked at the same place I did in her 20's and we just missed each other by a few months, she had stopped working there just as I started. It was fun chatting about this very interesting place that we worked, sharing stories and catching up on people we still talk to from that industry.

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OSOTM said...

Ha! Ha! Poop is just one of those things. We have a book called "Who Pooped in the Park?" that the kids like. It shows pictures/drawings of various animal poops so you can identify who it belongs to. It's quite interesting! LOL

Christine said...

You're hilarious! Just what I needed to read. Thank you for telling us about your week. Visiting from ihomeschool. H

ave a wonderful weekend. said...

I can only imagine what my children would do with a book about poop! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go there. My 4 year old has a fascination with a joke about underwear, poop would be the end of me. lol
Enjoyed your post

MommyKuehner said...

I may have to get that book for the kids. I can see them all laughing and enjoying it. :) What a great week!!!

Chris Tilley said...

My preschooler had a baby chick in the classroom this week. He found it absolutely fascinating but the first thing he tells anyone who asks is that it poop on him.

I used to play discgolf when I was young and actually tried a tournament when they came to my home course. I got beat badly but it was fun to see the shot those guy made. There is a database of courses now.

Becca said...

I love the week long poop study!