Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fun, Fun on the Urban Farm

My friend and fellow homeschool mom posted a picture of her baby ducks on facebook and I immediately sent her a message asking if we could come visit them. We are rowing the Five in a Row book  The Horses of Sweetbriar and it talks about wood ducks and geese so I thought this visit would be a great tie in (and much cheaper than a trip to the horse farm where my children would beg for lessons that we can not afford)

She lives in a city of 400,000 people, she is so blessed  to have a house at the end of a street that butts right up against a big ravine and a lot of land that is not used by anyone. She has was so excited to show me all her wild edibles that are growing around her house.

Her baby ducks, playing in the make shift pond from a plastic sled ( love it)

I just want to kiss this cute duck face!
 Digging a hole to make a makeshift pond for the ducks. Notice the boy who lives there has on rubber boots, he is prepared for farm life. My kids just have on tennis shoes.
Duck decided to get in the pond....sigh! Boys will be boys, a big mud hole is just too tempting. By the time we left my two younger boys were covered up to their chest in mud and all wet. Luckily, I  always (well almost always) have extra clothes in the car for all the kids.
 Falcon hand feeding the younger chickens
 Tyler so proud of the pullet he is holding, he kept kissing it's beak.
 The kids were so excited to get a hot fresh egg out of the nesting box as the chicken hopped out.
Robin holding her favorite looking chicken,  (her kids call her the Rare stripy.) She was so excited to learn that the Barred Rock is one of the breeds we will be getting in May.

 Her fenced in chicken run, but they free range in her yard 1/2 the day. In the milk crates she has cold hardy seeding growing in them ( GREAT idea!)

 Inside her coop

Her awesome seedlings growing in the basement.

We had so much fun at her house, I have so much to learn from her.


MommyKuehner said...

How fun!!!

Jessy said...

Awesome! Looks like a field trip that could be HERE. LOL