Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal

Do you find yourself  composing blog posts in your mind all week long but when you sit down to actually write you draw a blank?  If so then you are just like me!

Exciting news of the week...
Falcon is heading to Jr. Olympics in Detroit this year we spent Sunday at another tournament so he could Qualify for the AAU, another GOLD for him! So proud!

In My Life...
When discussing home improvement one evening with  Papabird and I got into an argument about weather or not we have hardwood floors under our carpet. I insisted that we do according to the age of the house.  So, we marched out to the living room and I ripped up a corner of the carpet to prove him wrong...... HARDWOOD it is! So we are ripping up all the  carpet in out house now. We have nice carpet and it's all stain free but hardwood  is so much nicer!
Papabird and the 2 littles working on ripping up the carpet. They got out all their tools to help, check out Owl's blue working mans plumbers crack!

Living room finished! We will need to refinish the floors still there are a few spots with water damage and quite a few pain splatters from what looks like ceiling paint. Why someone would just let paint drip all over that beautiful wood is hard for me to understand!

School time...
I have 6 weeks of school lesson plans done now, yay me. I am usually not one to write out lesson plans but now that I am educating 4 young minds I feel I have to or someone doesn't get enough   one on one schooling or stuff just doesn't get done.

Robin and the littles are doing a unit study this week on worms. We have had a lot of fun digging for worms, studying them and doing a lot of experiments  with them.

Now that the weather is getting warmer we have new rules:
No TV or Video games until after 3:00 PM and that's only if I approve of it.
A mandatory 2 hours of outside play time.

The kids have been watching this documentary in the car on our travels around town. I was SHOCKED by how much they liked this, one day we actually sat in the driveway watching it because they didn't want me turning off the car and getting out.

What's cooking this week...
Braised cabbage and BBQ beef
Chicken fajitas
Chicken salad
Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Outside my window at this moment.... 
The sun is shining on a partly cloudy day

That Awkward moment when.....
Having 4 kids I seems to have  awkward moments, this weeks moment may be TMI for others, be warmed!
So as I was saying.... That Awkward moment when your 6 year old daughter is watching you  get dressed and says" Mommy, I won't have to wear underwear that goes in my butt like yours when I am a mommy will I? (I had on thongs) "No honey you will never be allowed to wear these!"  Uhhhh I guess I need to buy  some  white Fruit of the Loom granny panties to set a good example eh?

Favorite picture of the week....
I love that I got  a shot of Falcon a good 3 feet off the ground!


Savannah McQueen said...

Braised Cabbage and BBQ Beef sounds so delicious. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks and I hope you'll post that recipe soon. And...Yay! For hardwood floors. What a lovely bonus to any home.

OSOTM said...

I'd be ripping up those carpets too with hardwood underneath! LOL Plumber's crack. :snicker: I'm with you on the limited screen time. I've let that slipped recently with everything going on, but when we're back from vacation next week THIS mama is taking the controllers, iPhones and TV remote until 5:00pm! Ha! Ha! on the panties. Maybe you can get something inbetween? Kids say just what's on their minds sometimes!