Sunday, May 3, 2015

Moving forward - with my 5!

I guess 5 is enough for us.

No more human babies for me

My body has spoken and it seems 5 is my magic number. I wasn't sure if more kids were in our future, we were both open to it but at this point I need to say NO More!

I have had 5 healthy pregnancies with 5 healthy babies. Every time I got pregnant I would think, am I gambling here?

I have had 5 perfect babies - my body now says NO MORE

I am 37 my Uterus has prolapsed causing quite a few issues and now I have an abdominal hernia.  (very painful) No More babies for me. This will mean surgery only more tests will determine how soon and how serious. All these issues stem from having multiple pregnancies. I am so blessed to have 5,

Am I sad? YES but I am happy and blessed to have 5!

Interesting fact.... I was told I could not have children, Papa bird was told he could not have children we have 5, I am blessed.

Know one knows what the future hold but I plan to just "roll with it" like Duck always says :)

This is not how my story ends this is how my new chapter begins, life is good, life is full of changes.

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