Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Harry Potter schooling! Book 1 ~ first half

Potion making with natural elements
Some fresh air and potion making, I gave them containers and set them outside to create a potion.
Rules: They could put whatever they wanted in it from outside but they had to tell me what their potion does.

Potion #1 ( Yellow cap with yellow flowers) made by Duck
This potion makes  plants grow faster.

Potion #2 (middle bottle) made by Robin
This purple elixir can make the user invisible.

Potion # 3 (The one with a missing cap)
This complex potion was a mix of many elements found around the pond including toad juice ( no toads were harmed during this potion making session) This potion makes tornado.

Mr. Toad who generously offered some goo off his back for potion #3!

 We started  reading and making stuff from this herbal book, yes it is 2009 but the information does not change.
A great book to get kids into herbal crafting.

You can click HERE to check out their website  we only have the cinnamon issue but I am considering buying more issues, they are great fun for adults and kids.

Doing some fun blind tasting of jelly beans having kids figure out the flavor. I got some interesting flavor answers but the ones everyone got right was: Coconut, bubblegum and pear. 

The little boys did a Harry Potter worksheet and came us with some new flavor beans Minty mint, Double orange and Burrito

I only bought the yummy flavor beans not the Harry Potter ones. I have tried those with Falcon 7 years ago and they most certainly taste like what they say: vomit, dirt, earwax etc... Yup  I tried them all thinking there was noway they would actually be accurate, They were Every time!

Choosing the tree in which their special wands will come from. I let me choose whichever tree they liked the look of best then we did some nature studies on each.They looked through pictures in this book to choose their tree

Duck: Birdcherry
Owl: Giant Sequoia
Robin: Crab apple  
Falcon: Hickory

I will be making wands next week  like these 

pretending it is from the special tree they chose.

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