Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tickity tock... it's TICK time

Overtaken by ticks, they are everywhere. First summer at the Farm house and I had no idea there would be this many ticks. I knew there would be a lot but picking 5 off my child's head who was only playing out side  for an hour is CRAZY!

So the kids get checked every time they come in from outside and we do nightly  whole body tick checks.

Just something I am going to have to deal with out here in the woods
We have baby guineas but they do not come to the areas my kids most play in, I am working on trying to coax them to the areas where I would like them to clear ticks from. Here is just 4 of the babies eating with are oldest Rooster ( aka Man chicken )

So I made  an all natural bug repellent with Essential oils and some other stuff.

Wishful thinking

As for the ticks If I pull them off  a child I put them in a baggie and write the location found on child and the date. The ER doc told me a  few years ago to do this with Ticks because if you start to develop symptoms then they can test the tick faster than the person for Lyme or Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

I have about 20 ticks so far that have been  carefully plucked off a child..
 Cooking dinner with the stove pulled out because I am in the middle of painting it. Don't mind the time it really was dinner time but I had to re plug in my stove to cook!What was I making you ask? Quinoa with garlic rice, mashed cauliflower and  chicken.
 Baby C kept trying to help Papabid fix a screw behind the stove.

Finally got my maps back on the wall. I am planning to add 3 clocks set at different times zones around the world and a clothesline for multicultural art pieces the kids do.

Feeling super buggy all the time right now .............

~Mama Bird

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