Monday, July 18, 2011

A- amazing fun with letter A!

This week my 3 youngest ones are learning about...
The letter -A
The color -red
The shape -triangle
The occupation of Artist

The 3 letter A books we read this week

I loved Artichoke Boy, great rhyming texts and very silly. It also talks about body parts that we would point to on our body as we were reading.

We started our morning circle time when I had everyone sit on their story rugs (remnant squares from hardware store. I find my kids will sit in one spot longer if they have a designated space that is theirs. So I brought out a construction paper letter A that I had already cut then asked my oldest to pick the book of the shelf that had an alligator on it. We then read all 3 books. We continues reading them through the week.

This is what is in our letter A bag
One side I taped uppercase letter and the other side I taped lower case. I chose the color of the week we are focusing on which was Red.

A pink airplane
An alligator
A puzzle letter A
An ant
A toy basket of apples
An astronaut toy
A red wooden air plane
a red paint sample card from Home Depot!

Here is our Alligator letter A

Here are the toilet paper tube airplanes.
We planned on driving out to the airport and having a picnic in a nearby field to watch the planes come and go but mother nature had other plans. There was noway I was going to sit near the tarmac in the blazing sun with a heat index of 96-115!

We also cooked and tasted an artichoke prepared 3 different ways.

A is for ants on Monday we put out sugar cubes to watch the ants come and get it but after 3 hours then never came. A huge storm blew through our area causing flooding everywhere. The ants and their super senses must have known this because they never came out. Then we had a science lesson on why the ants acted this way, and why bugs do not fly in the rain.We tried our Sugar cubes later in the week with much success. first we put it near the ants then we kept moving if farther and farther away and putting obstacles in the ants way to see which route they would choose (the short one, the longer one, the easier one, the harder path etc.) it was very interesting on which way the ants chose to go.

Next week we will be doing the letter B for busy, lol. We have somewhere to be everyday next week, I hate busy weeks like that!

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Little Badgers Academy said...

Great job on letter A. We did alligators too, aren't they fun?
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