Monday, July 25, 2011

B- all about the letter b

All about the letter B!
The letter -B
The color - Blue
The shape - Circle
The occupation- Baker

letter B books we are reading

Here is what is our out letter B bag

A blue paint sample card from home depot!
1 small block
A beetle
A bear who is baking
A letter B card with a baker on it
A bumble bee

Letter B
We cut our butterfly pictures out of a magazine I had then glued them onto out letter B's and made them into butterflies.

We made bead necklaces to hang from the rear view mirror

We got out our dried bean box and played

We braided hair and made barrettes

B is for Beetle

We found this beetle 2 months ago dead under my daughter dresser and of course we saved it! You wouldn't be a homeschooler if things like this didn't sit around on your shelves and such. My daughter is very afraid of bugs and putting this dead bug on her face and playing with it was a huge step for her. It took me 20 min to convince her that it was dead and cannot hurt her, but finally she held the bug and put it on her face. Any idea on what kind of beetle this is?

Went to the zoo to look at the butterflies and bears.

We went for a many walks and looked for items that started with the letter B and for items that were the color blue.

We also painted swirly pictures with birds feathers dipped in paint and pretended it was a bird flying through the sky!


Our Country Road said...

Okay I have to admit I wouldnt have let you put the dead beetle on my nose. Your daughter is brave :). Love your B bag!

MommyKuehner said...

I am loving the Alphabet Curriculum!!

I agree with the dead bug thing. All of that grossed me out too. Hated reptiles also. Now we have a Bearded Dragon and I collect bugs as I find them in the back yard. We have a perfect bumble bee I found just lying in the garden, and my sister in law found a dragonfly in the pool and that thing is huge! They are carefully placed on the shelf and we get that stuff down to look at too. Lydia though is only afraid of spiders.